Identity yourself

Some answer this question quite spontaneously ,some with immense joy, some with head pride, some with hesitation, some with lameness, some without clue, some deny answering for their good reasons and some are totally confused with the question itself. Why? Because we still haven’t changed our perspective towards this question.

Isn’t this the most common question one asks another? But what do you think the answer is? It’s left to you to have the answer as common as the question or have it simply unique.

When one is asked this question, they disclose their identity which is quite common. But…

Workouts for a Struggling Mind.

To keep ourselves going amid downs is tough. It’s not impossible though. So let’s understand a few steps that we can include in our day to day life as add ons to keep our mind healthy irrespective of hard times.

  1. Straight posture - in order to have our mind under control, we need to keep our body under our mind’s control. Keep your back straight irrespective of what posture you are in. Especially while you are sitting, keep your back straight which most of us don’t take care of. This signals your body that you…



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