Identity yourself

Some answer this question quite spontaneously ,some with immense joy, some with head pride, some with hesitation, some with lameness, some without clue, some deny answering for their good reasons and some are totally confused with the question itself. Why? Because we still haven’t changed our perspective towards this question.

Isn’t this the most common question one asks another? But what do you think the answer is? It’s left to you to have the answer as common as the question or have it simply unique.

When one is asked this question, they disclose their identity which is quite common. But what is your identity? It is something we strive hard throughout our lives. But, have we given a single thought on how to build our identity? Or is it already built by default? If you have already built, then you know the right answer for the question asked above.

We are named right after we are born. We are issued with our identity cards as we start growing. As we evolve, we start adding particulars like, education — profession — success -status — wealth — standards etc. , to our existing identity which are of course well pleased in our society. If you feel these particulars help you in answering the above question, then you need to redefine your definition of success, wealth and status. Your definition of Identity will never and can never define who you are.

We all know that we are a part of the nature. Nature is meant to enhance its surroundings. Nature is a closed loop where the process of evolution never stops at any point of time. And we should never forget that we are nothing but nature itself. Every individual is born unique and so is their purpose of life. And this is the reason each is assigned an identity. This is the identity that recognizes your footprints throughout the world’s existence.

An identity defines what you are as a human and not by who you are or what your name is amongst people. An identity reflects the human behavior in one’s self. An identity showcases a human’s tasks and deeds in enhancing another human. Your purpose of life isn’t just in creating your identity rich in wealth, money and status. Rather, it’s also in extending your identity to the ones in need. Define your terms for richness & wealth rather than achieving the definitions set by people. This is when you can actually define who you are. Once you are able to define yourself with clarity, that’s when your identity starts to build. This identity tells who you actually are.

The true purpose of a human is to help another human evolve. It’s a mutual understanding that exists by default without any intimation. Your identity lies in helping the other evolve. Your identity is the cause and effect for another human’s identity.

Build who you are and also help others build the same. Because you are not actually who you think you are. You will evolve only if you help others evolve. Because evolution is the only key for success.

Identity card is not who you are. Your status and position in the society is not who you are. Your earnings and wealth is not who you are. Your profession and fame is not who you are.

Identify your purpose of life to build your identity. Be the one who can proudly answer the above question, WHO ARE YOU? And , does anything else matters than your identity?

Hope you are now able to identity yourself and your identity!!!


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